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Jul 14, 2017 |
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The Financial Game is Launched

After a fantastic weekend at the 92nd Annual Rotary Conference in Manchester this April ‘The Financial Game' was launched to 1,600 Rotary delegates.

Tim and Colin took to the stage and gave a superb presentation which included information on how the app will help to raise money for Rotary's own charity, The Rotary Foundation, which tackles global issues including the eradication of polio, which is a cause very close to the hearts of Rotarians.

Challenged to prove that children could do more interesting things with basic maths than mindlessly regurgitating their notes, Tim Hill took his long experience of chartered accounting out of the workplace and into schools. From a model first designed in Lego, and extensively tested in schools by children of 12 and upwards, this fun and intensely practical introduction to finance is available as an app for Apple and Android tablets.

Early feedback shows great results with a range of age groups, Dan Howard who is on the Leadership Team at The Coleshill School in Warwickshire said "useful in class as a teaching aid but more importantly will inspire students to access financial information outside the classroom. In addition it provides a great opportunity for ‘holiday homework' which will mean students return to lessons prepared for the academic rigours ahead."

The pupils said this about the app, "The variety of activities kept each section interesting," and, "Anyone doing A level in business would benefit from this."

Michelle Hunt is a mature student who completed her AAT Level 4 with help and support from the app. Financial Statements and Ratios is a particularly tough section for many students but The Financial Game helped during her study time in this area.

Michelle said, "At the start of studying Financial Performance and Financial Statements it was clear that there was a lot to learn. In the past I have struggled with remembering formulas, phrases, and so on. During this topic I was required to remember 16 ratios and at the start I was struggling. Using the game it helped me understand the formula, practice the formula but most importantly remember the formula. I have successfully passed this module keeping me on track passing my AAT level 4 in one year."

Speaking today, Tim reflected on why this project is so close to his heart. "I've spent my whole life working with fantastic companies and with this app I want to show a whole new generation that the principles that underpin successful business ideas are useful, relevant, and not hard to pick up with experience. It's also a great way to bridge classroom teaching with something that users can explore on their own, and particularly for developing skills that kids can take into the workplace".

The app fits in well with Rotary's ambitions to support education and literacy, which is one of the organisation's six Areas of Focus. In 2016/17 The Rotary Foundation is celebrating its centennial anniversary. During the last 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects across the globe.

All versions are ready for sale in July and if you are a School, Academy or University you can register your interest on the website to ensure you are one of the first to receive the Financial Game.


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