Our Clients

JE Davies
Holywell, North Wales

J E Davies & Son is Flintshire’s largest independent Funeral Directors with seven branches in local towns and villages. Tim not only helped set up financial control systems to enable Edward to know how the business was performing on a regular basis but created forms that could be easily completed in highly emotional situations at the time of bereavement, while Edward could continue to give his full attention to the family and their needs. These forms, with a few amendments, are still being used today when the number of funerals is in excess of 300 per year.

Outwrite PR
Mold, Flintshire

Outwrite – is a leading PR and SEO agency that enhances reputations to ensure business grow in the way they deserve. Intelligent SEO targets customers in the most direct cost efficient ways so that sales are maximised and costs minimised.

Tim’s services provided the solid foundations and flow of information that helped Outwrite grow successfully.

Badley Ashton
Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Badley Ashton was established in 1982 as a high quality geoscience consultancy in the oil and gas industry worldwide as a limited company by Tim for the directors. He played a strategic role for 25 years and was instrumental in designing a simple system that married actual performance with the original tenders, measuring the success of the project both geologically and financially, highlighting learning points not only for the geologists involved with that particular assignment but for all staff so that future projects could be run more effectively for the clients and more profitably for the company.