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The Financial Game
The Financial Game
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The Financial Game

The Financial Game has been developed by Tim Hill of TH Consulting over the last few years. Initially as a workshop participation game and now as an app.

As a Chartered Account and Business Consultant with a great interest in education, Tim could see there was a dramatic lack of financial awareness not only in the younger generation and school children but in many employees, managers and directors in all sectors of industry and commerce.

This was the inspiration for The Financial Game that is now being launched on the Android and iPhone platforms in partnership with Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland.

Rotary GB and Ireland

Tim Hill of The Financial Game with Mark Carney the govenor of the Bank of England


  • Saving £££'s - there is a potential £20 billion being lost in the UK by a lack of numeracy.
  • The Financial Game from TH Consulting will make a huge contribution to improving financial literacy
  • Bespoke variations of the game can be created for all sectors of business plus it's great for starting them early at school!


The Financial Game app can help you with Accountancy Qualification - up to Level 4 AAT.


Better understanding of finance will improve your chances of promotion at work.


The Financial Game app will enable you to impress at an interview in the world of finance.

Life Skill

Why not just add a better understanding of finance to your skill set?

Finance Made Fun!

Intuitive understanding of finance with an App

Why the Financial Game Works

People begin within their comfort zone and recognise what they are doing day to day, they can relax and enjoy the experience without the stress often associated with maths, accounts, budgets or finance - monetary figures are simply added discretely. Before they know it they have absorbed the principles intuitively!

The Game meets the needs of all learning styles (Honey and Mumford, and Golay) - activity, reflection, theory and practice, and meets all the memory retrieval styles - seeing, hearing, doing.

The Financial Game allows people to manage their own development through Piaget’s Concrete Operational Stage and can be utilised as Holiday Homework.

The app works intuitively and teaches in a fun way via experiential learning.

It has two levels:

  • The first level teaches fundamentals of Income and Expenditure based on a Burger Bar example.
  • The second level is based on a major UK retail chain the Financial Statements app provides a higher level understanding about the construction of Balance Sheets and financial ratios.

Benefits of the Financial Game

Based on proven results from the manual version, a fully developed game for any sector of the economy will give the following benefits:

  • Finance and profitability will be intuitively understood by almost everyone
  • Fear will be removed from accountants’ black art!
  • Team working will be promoted as there is a common language
  • There will be an easy route to problem solving
  • Conversations can take place that wouldn’t otherwise have happened
  • It will become obvious what should be measured
  • The value and creation of budgets will be easily understood
  • Understanding each other's challenges will lead to integrated solutions
  • Employees throughout the organisation will be able to contribute to financial success and appreciate their contributions
  • Departments can create their own measurements for success within the company strategy and assess their results against those measurements
  • Barriers to culture change will be reduced
  • Budding entrepreneurs will have a fundamental knowledge base
  • The Financial Game App can be part of the Flipped Learning pedagogical model

Wider Implications

As well as being a personal development tool, thorough knowledge of finance as a common language across an entire workforce has even greater significance. Many employees and managers find budgets frightening, even threatening and definitely stressful - budgets are a major issue for conflict in organisations. Some PLC and SME board members don’t know which products or services are the most profitable after accounting for relevant cost orwhat causes significant differences between profitability and cash flow in the financial statements in relation to those products and services. Organisations whose employees understand the costs involved in their part of the organisation in relation to income are likely to become more efficient and competitive and the knowledge to add value is within every member of staff – it just needs releasing and capturing. The ‘bottom line’ is not the be all and end all.

There are many examples in recent times of lack of financial understanding in the Private and Public Sectors. The Chair of a local NHS Trust was explaining that they had found it impossible to get front line staff to be interested in cost savings and huge amounts were being lost every year unnecessarily. The banking crisis might well have been reduced if an appropriate game had been played by members of the FSA. One of the Care Homes who played the Lego version of the Financial Game saved over 30% of their Admin costs as a result of the experience and knowledge gained.

Latest News

Bett Show, January 2019

Bett Show, January 2019

Sarah Hicks and Matteo Pagani of Microsoft with Colin and Tim

As of January 2019 The Financial Game is the only app in the Microsoft Education Store which delivers Financial Literacy.

Coleg Cambria, April 2018

Coleg Cambria, April 2018

“The Financial Game app was well received by the learners, they have commented that it is an interactive way of learning and is easily accessible. The business students stated that the app can be useful in the development of their knowledge of finance. It is also relevant for the development of financial knowledge of learners studying a range of courses for when they are working in organisations or for those with the goal of running their own business in the future”.

Coleg Cambria, situated in North East Wales, has rapidly established itself as a leading education provider. Inspectors rate the college as excellent, making Cambria one of the most successful colleges in the UK, and the highest performing college in Wales.

Winner - FSB all Wales Business and Product Innovation Award, February 2018

Winner - FSB all Wales Business and Product Innovation Award, 2018

Tim is pictured with Mike Learmond, Senior Development Manager Wales FSB holding the award for Business and Product Innovation

Tim leapt at the opportunity to enter the Federation of Small Businesses Awards as he had no doubt it would give The Financial Game exposure and provide credibility to an app which has the potential to revolutionise the understanding of finance in the UK and abroad especially enabling disadvantaged young people to better themselves in the workplace environment as well as increasing productivity in general; much needed in the British economy.

"I'm honoured and delighted by this amazing award. i'm sure it is the catalyst to The Financial Game revolutionising the understanding of finance in education for 12 year olds upwards, owners and managers of SME's and directors of companies in th UK and beyond. It has given me the confidence to enter the Wall Street Journal 2018 Challenge to improve financial literacy for low to moderate incomes in the United States with support from LSU Innovation Park."

Microsoft Education Partner Accredited, May 2018

Microsoft Education Partner Accredited

Tim was accepted as a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner; the Program includes many prestigious names Worldwide. Microsoft assisted coding of The Financial Game for Windows 10 and 10 S both financially and with high level App Consultancy. As of January 2019 The Financial Game is the only app in the Microsoft Education Store which delivers Financial Literacy.

The Financial Game was launched at the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland's Annual Conference in Manchester on 8th April 2017.

Rotary Great Britain and Ireland

When the Financial Game App is launched there will be 3 versions, a 'Store' version, an 'Academic' version for schools and academies and an 'Enterprise' version for businesses.

The academic version allows branding and provides more functionality than the store version. The enterprise version offers the same features as the academic version but is tailored towards the type of industry as required.

The App is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Michelle Hunt - AAT Level 4Michelle Hunt is a mature student who completed her AAT Level 4 with help and support from the app, Financial Statements and Ratios is a particularly tough section for many students but the Financial Game helped during her study time in this area. Michelle said "At the start of studying Financial Performance and Financial Statements it was clear that there was a lot to learn. In the past I have struggled with remembering formulas, phrases, etc. During this topic I was required to remember 16 ratios and at the start I was struggling. Using the game it helped me understand the formula, practice the formula but most importantly remember the formula. I have successfully passed this module keeping me on track passing my AAT level 4 in one year". Michelle now works at Involve as a Management Accountant.

Coleshill School
Coleshill, Warwickshire

The Financial Game at Coleshill School

Tim Hill and Dan Howard with pupils from Coleshill School

Dan Howard, Leadership Team Member and Teacher said “The app is useful in class as a teaching aid, but more importantly will inspire students to access financial information outside the classroom.”

Pupils’ comments included: “The variety of activities kept each section interesting,” and “Anyone doing A level in business would benefit from this.”

Arden Academy
Knowle, Solihull

The Financial Game at The Arden Academy

Tim Hill with Micah Lan-Mackaay and Eleanor Collett from the Arden Academy

Developed by chartered accountant Tim Hill, the app has been warmly received by pupils in school trials.

Tim said:  “Everyone recognises that there is a dramatic lack of financial awareness, not only in the younger generation but among employees and managers in industry and commerce.  These fundamentals should be a life skill for everyone." 


Contact us to find out how The Financial Game can help develop financial knowledge for non-financial people and help your business grow.


This is an excellent tool to aid not only students who are starting off on a career in finance, but also people who are already established in other aspects of business. Senior management and even Directors who may have responsibility for Sales, Purchasing, Personnel, Logistics, for example, may have little knowledge of how the overall picture is achieved. The Financial Game, is a simple and interesting way to gain knowledge on what are basic skills which can be taken on to higher levels of understanding. My Business was established almost 45 years, if the Financial Game had been available in the early days it would have been a huge benefit to a number of people, myself included. I can recommend this game to anyone wanting to learn these skills, from 9 to 90.

thumb Jean Williams
Chair Cable Services Group of Companies

I have run a successful business for over 12 years and employ 19 staff. Being involved in creating the Financial Game App helped me to understand accounts much better and different ways of measuring profitability; I wish I had the App when I was starting out as it would have given me more confidence at the time that I was doing the right things, greater appreciation of cash flow and measuring actual performance against projections. Tim has developed an amazing app to help non-financial people understand finance and we wish him every success in educating people the same way we benefited from his expertise.

thumb Richard Glover

Interview: Tim Hill (KPMG/Peat Marwick Mitchell), 14th September 2015

Tim talks to KPMG about his inspiration to build his financial game app, providing company directors staff and children with a fun and easy way to learn the basics of financial accounting.

Article in Charter One Magazine Financial Game App - Revolutionising the Understanding of Finance

The Financial Game App was Highly Commended in the finals of The Pitch 2014 (left). The Pitch is supported by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).