Profitability Assessment and Improvement


Do your systems provide instant information including who are the most profitable customers, what are the most profitable products, which areas of the business are operating most efficiently.

Is innovation a key part of the operations, improving methodologies as well as introducing new products, to ensure a sustainable future.

Business Decisions

Are there processes in place to evaluate business decisions? Not every management choice is going to lead to the intended outcome, some will be more successful than expected, others may be regarded as failures. What is critical is that each major decision is evaluated to determine the effects on the business in terms of operation, personnel, profitability and financial success. There will be intended and unintended consequences and to ensure the triumphs abound going forward the actual outcomes should be evaluated against those planned.

Change Management

Change is inevitable if companies want to progress and this provides inevitable barriers as a large proportion of people are uneasy with change. Planning is essential, however, this needs to incorporate a degree of flexibility. Has the plan been clearly articulated, especially to those immediately affected, and is there an exciting future that will follow the period of disruption.

Business Objectives

Have clear business objectives been agreed between all stakeholders. Are they realistic and are they within the ethical and cultural bounds of the company.


Is there a clear strategy to achieving the Business Objectives within reasonable time scales? What are the resource and skills issues, how are they best realised and is there access to the necessary finance.