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Feb 28, 2017 |
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The Financial Game in partnership with Rotary GB and Ireland

The Rotary Foundation is to benefit from a new game that teaches financial literacy to non-financial people.

The Financial Game will receive its worldwide launch at the Rotary conference in April.

An application (app) accessible by phones and tablet computers, roughly ten per cent of sales income will be donated to the  Foundation.


Developed by chartered accountant Tim Hill, the app has been warmly received by pupils in trials.  Pupils at The Coleshill School, Warwickshire, said: “The variety of activities kept each section interesting,” and: “Anyone doing A level in business would benefit from this,” while their teacher, Dan Howard, said:

“The app is useful as a teaching aid, but more importantly will inspire students to access financial information outside the classroom.”

The app works intuitively and can be seen at

Level 1 teaches fundamentals of income and expenditure based on a burger bar example.  Free to download, anyone who uses a Rotary code trigger a 10p donation

Level 2 is based on a UK retail chain, covering construction of balance sheets and financial ratios. It costs £3.99and triggers an automatic donation of 30p to the foundation.  No code is required.

The 'Store' version will be available for download from Google Play and the App Store.